YB Dr. S Ramakrishnan & Dr. Hj. Khalid visit to i2M

On 31 July 2018 has seen YB Dr. S Ramakrishnan, Johor State EXCO for Consumerism, Human Resources & Unity accompanied by the General Manager of Unit Swadaya Insan Negeri Johor, Dr. Haji Khalid bin Haji Jusuh made his first industry visit to i2M Ventures. During the industry visit, Iskandar Puteri's industry development was discussed in depth with the Managing Director of i2M Ventures on the demand for local and foreign talents as well as the necessary development and upskilling of talents in Johor.

The Johor State EXCO acknowledged that the high demand for knowledge-based talents in Iskandar Puteri is in line with the Johor State government’s talent development planning, “The state is very supportive of the development of Global Business Services in Iskandar Puteri, and will further strengthen the Industry-Government collaboration to accelerate the need to increase the percentage of industry talent with skillsets that is in accordance with the needs of the Industry.”