Skilled Talent

Iskandar Malaysia talent pool is young, well-educated and highly-skilled, drawn from a local population of 1.8 million. The majority of the workforce has industry experience (e.g., finance, logistics, manufacturing, oil & gas).


Multilingual Powerhouse

Nearly all Malaysians are bilingual (English, Bahasa Malaysia), and around 35% are trilingual.

Malaysia’s multi-ethnic nature holds a unique advantage within Asia that offers more languages than any other country.

With its vernacular schooling system (Malay, Mandarin and Tamil), most Malaysians speak at least two languages.

In addition to the country’s multilingual workforce, Malaysia welcomes the hiring of foreign talents and attracts regional (Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines) and international talents from abroad, making it an attractive hub to offer up to 10 languages from one location to reach out to markets around the world.

An abundance of fresh talent: Regional Education Hub

There are more than 600 institutes of higher-learning in the country, 20 of which are public universities. Johor alone produces 17,000 bachelor’s degree graduates yearly, with 50,000 students enrolled in Johor universities. Initiatives such as EduCity add 16,000 more to that total.




Situated within Iskandar Malaysia, Johor and nearby Medini Iskandar (“Medini”), the central business district of Iskandar Puteri, EduCity™ is positioned to be a regional education hub and a destination for quality world-class education. Encompassing an area of 305 acres, EduCity™ Iskandar Malaysia is a fully integrated education hub comprises a mix of nine higher education, boarding school and R&D centers , a first-of-its-kind educational hub in Asia. EduCity™ aims to nurture and fuel talent in a comprehensive learning environment to support the growing needs of future leaders and talent in various business activities in Iskandar Malaysia and the region. At full capacity, the campus is expected to accommodate up to 16,000 students across various levels of educations, ultimately playing a pivotal role in Malaysia’s Economic Transformation Programme (“ETP”).


University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)


Within Iskandar Malaysia, and located around 30 minutes’ drive from Medini Iskandar is University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), a renowned University for being at the forefront of engineering and technological knowledge and expertise, contributing to the technical and professional workforce of the nation since 1904. Having produced more than 200,000 technical graduates and qualified professionals over the years, UTM has earned its place as Malaysia’s premier university in engineering and technology which inspires creative, innovative and entrepreneurial mindsets.