Aegis BPO Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Established in IP: 2017
Operation: Centre of Excellence
Industry: Business Process Outsourcing

  • Aegis is a high growth BPO company focusing on Customer Lifecycle Management, Finance & Accounting, IT support and Training.
  • Aegis launched its Aegis Iskandar Centre of Excellence (COE) in Iskandar Puteri, Malaysia in 2017.
  • The COE now hosts about 800+ employees supporting Malaysia and Singapore clients.
  • Aegis considers Iskandar as a strategic location in the region due to its proximity to Singapore and other high growth economies in APAC.

“Malaysia is our hub for multi-channel Asian languages, and we are committed to expand our presence in Johor to assist our global clients.  Johor offers availability of skilled talent, strong government support and favourable business culture which will enable Malaysia to carve out a niche in the global outsourcing landscape. “
Divya Dutta, Chief Operating Officer, Aegis BPO Malaysia Sdn Bhd, 2017

Vistra Corporate Services

Established in GBS ISKANDAR: 2016
Operation: Nearshore BPO Centre of Excellence
Industry: Corporate Trust and Services Provider

  • Vistra is part of the Vistra Group, the 2nd largest global corporate and trust services company providing a uniquely broad range of services and solutions which includes international incorporations, trust, fiduciary, family office and fund administration services through two business divisions, Company Formation Services (“CFS”) and Trust, Corporate and Fund Services (“TCFS”)
  • Vistra launched its Nearshore BPO Centre of Excellence Iskandar Malaysia in 2016
  • The COE now hosts about 50+ employees and serves as their Malaysia office and as a Nearshore/ Offshore Shared Services Centre supporting other Vistra’s locations in APAC including Singapore.
  • Vistra considers Iskandar as strategic to support the company’s plans to grow in the APAC region.

“Aside from Iskandar Puteri’s strategic location, the area also presents a good balance of cost effectiveness, paramount infrastructure, and highly-skilled talent pool, which are extremely beneficial to support our ongoing expansion in the ASEAN region. Located within Medini, the new central business district of Iskandar Puteri, Vistra BPO Centre of Excellence is only a 45-minute drive from Singapore’s Central Business District. We are confident that this expansion presents solid business opportunities for Vistra and will help drive our operational efficiency and growth
Chris Burton, Managing Director, Vistra Singapore and Malaysia, 2016

Frost & Sullivan

Established in IP: 2012
Operation: Centre of Excellence
Industry: Market research, consulting

  • Frost & Sullivan is a growth partnership company focused on helping clients achieve transformational growth by providing market research and consulting services.
  • Frost & Sullivan launched its Global Innovation Centre (GIC) of Excellence in Iskandar Malaysia in 2012
  • The GIC now hosts about 200+ employees who support its operations and offices worldwide.
  • Frost & Sullivan considers Iskandar as a strategic location in the region due to its proximity to Singapore and other high growth economies such as Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines, which allows them to continuously engage their clients to accelerate growth.

“We aspire to make this regional centre a global hub of innovation for the company. Its strategic location is of compelling value to us as well as to our clients. We have access to Singapore and a highly diverse Malaysian workforce known for its cross-cultural capabilities and adaptability. There is incredible opportunity for local talent as we intend to drive accelerated global growth in this business from this location. They will have the opportunity to work on cutting edge research covering regional and global markets.”
Manoj Menon, Managing Director, Frost & Sullivan, 2015


"On behalf of Brandt International’s management team & its employees, I commend the support & team work rendered by i2M. The members of i2M have been always willing to help to ensure the sustainability & growth for organisations that are in Iskandar. As a growing organisation in Iskandar we are glad & fortunate to have i2M alongside with us in this journey." - Devi Verabathran

"i2M put an extra effort to introduce with local university and working closely to create job awareness and opportunity to the local and fresh grad students. Apart from that, i2M also helps us to built up relationship with other business partner and local authority." - Zam Zam Rahman

"i2M has been a great help in organising the various activities and also opening the door on opportunity for hiring and marketing." - Khoo Han Wei