MALAYSIA: What makes a country worthy for investment?

According to a recent news report based on findings provided by the World Bank, a worldwide poll gathering feedback from 6,000 business decision makers were compiled to find out which country they identify as the best to invest in for 2018.

More importantly, the criteria which the respondents were told to evaluate the countries are separated into 8 key areas which are entrepreneurship, economic stability, favorable tax environment, innovation, skilled labor, technological expertise, dynamism, and corruption.

So how did Malaysia fare? Well, for once, we triumphed over Singapore which was placed in fifth position.

In fact, Malaysia made it to the number 4 position for the list of 20 best countries to invest in now, Business Insider reports.

The description accompanying Malaysia's ranking describes among our country's attributes "a highly skilled workforce" and "pro-business government" as key deciding factors for foreign direct investment.

The ranking notes that Mallaysia is "still a top recipient of foreign direct investment, despite a decrease of inflows to the region overall", citing data from the United Nations.

Government agency Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) was also singled out as playing a key role in helping facilitate foreign direct investment and making it accessible via its Incentives Coordination and Collaboration Office (ICCO) one-stop centre.

As to which countries made the top three spots, they are Poland, Indonesia and Philippines respectively.

The latest ranking further reaffirms an earlier survey by US-based BAV Consulting and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania which put Malaysia in first place in the '2017 Best Countries to Invest In’.

Malaysia emerged on top of the ranking based on eight equally-weighted attributes: corruption, dynamism, economic stability, entrepreneurialism, favourable tax environment, innovation, skilled labour force and technological expertise, NST reports.

"(Malaysia) is one of the top recipients of foreign direct investment, and its pro-business government offers a wide range of incentives to investors,” the survey noted.

Source: Malaysian Digest