MALAYSIA: Consistently ranking among the best in the world, British schools offer an educational foundation that is unparalleled. For students in Asia seeking the standards and prestige of a British education, Marlborough College brings its internationally enriched English boarding school experience to the region.

Marlborough College’s Southeast Asian branch spans more than 36 hectares on the southern Malaysian development region of Iskandar Malaysia, just across the second causeway of Singapore. It opened in 2012 and is gradually expanding to accommodate around 1,250 students by 2022.

“If we’re going to build a better world, we need to understand fellow citizens of the world,” says Jonathan Leigh, headmaster. “The idea of a second campus was to promote a greater degree of global awareness through a quintessential English experience – on the one hand traditional, and on the other progressive. We believe in promoting educative values that could help make the region more prosperous.”

Founded in 1843 in picturesque Wiltshire, England, Marlborough College has always been at the forefront of educational innovation. The college was the first in Britain to admit women in 1968 and the first to develop new A-level courses in mathematics and business studies in 1989. Its graduates include notable names in science, art, business, politics and society, including members of the royal family.

Marlborough College produces truly global citizens through a rigorous curriculum, offering courses such as Putonghua, Japanese and Arabic, and educational trips abroad. Its Malaysia campus, the first outside Wiltshire, offers an international baccalaureate that prepares students for a rapidly globalising world. Guided by the motto, Deus dat incrementum (God gives the increase), the college envisions itself as an internationally inclusive provider of holistic learning.

“A great education must be put to good use, and our aim is to develop individuals with an ingrained sense of responsibility to give back to society,” Leigh says. “Education is about developing a love of learning. It’s about promoting character and, most of all, the perseverance to succeed.”

Marlborough College

Source: South China Morning Post