Malaysia an attractive investment destination for US companies

NEW YORK: US companies have expressed interest to invest in Malaysia in a meeting with Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad here Wednesday.

A former US-ASEAN Business Council founder Ernest Z. Bower said Malaysia remained an attractive investment destination for companies in the United States due to certain advantages.

“Our intention is to make the US as the top two foreign investors in Malaysia.

“A lot of American companies are looking for places in Malaysia to put new money and new investment. The companies agreed that Malaysia has advantages based on its geographic position and also infrastructure.

“Most importantly, they are excited about the new prime minister of Malaysia,” he said.

Bower, who is President and Chief Executive Officer of Bower Group Asia, led a delegation of 12 companies in a roundtable meeting with the prime minister to discuss the opportunities in Malaysia, as well as to hear from Dr Mahathir about the changes in policies made by his new government.

Bower said the Americans would likely be investing in the finance and manufacturing sectors.

Among the companies that were represented at the roundtable were Merck, FedEx Corp, Western Union, Coca Cola, Eastman Chemical Company, ConocoPhillips, Stripe and Chubb.

Source: Bernama