Johor Industries Must Also Play Its Part in Retaining Local Talent

JOHOR: Johor International Trade, Utilities and Investment Committee Chairman, Jimmy Puah calls out to key industrial players from the state and elsewhere, to set up operations in Johor or if able, move existing operations into better industrial areas with updated and modern facilities. In the industrial 4.0, workers demand more and a better environment that will boost work productivity.

“It’s the age of Google and Facebook, and nowadays workers want more; not for the sake of themselves but also for the productivity when they are working. This is the reality. And if we in Johor are not ready for this paradigm shift in the working environment, we will be left behind,” said Puah.

These are the steps he feels that are needed to retain local talents from braving the Causeway regardless of rain or shine, and traffic congestion. The PKR Deputy Chief also mentioned that these people must learn to be attached and be willing to work within the state’s economic corridors.

He said this at the Senai Airport City Forum recently. The forum saw the presence of Dato Sri Che Kalib, Group Managing Director of MMC Corporation Berhad. Gan Seng Keong, General Manager of Senai Airport City, Datuk Hhoe Mee Ling, Divisional General Manager of Eco World Development Group Berhad and Chery Lim, Marketing Director of Ipark Development Sdn. Bhd.

Puah believes that in the current industrial age, cooperation from industry players and hearing the growing demands of workforce are crucial steps to retain local talent within the state’s many industries, adding that a better working environment will improve productivity and also create a conducive working lifestyle for Johoreans.

These factors must be addressed as a yardstick to measure the quality of working life here as opposed to braving the Causeway for higher wages. Furthermore, infrastructures and facilities must be able to accommodate the workforce in order to unleash the state’s true economic potential.

Source: The Iskandarian