JOHOR BARU: Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) Chief Executive, Datuk Ismail Ibrahim revealed that since November last year, a series of eight meetings with the community were conducted as part of a detailed assessment of the implementation and design of Iskandar Malaysia’s Rapid Transit Bus System (BRT).

Ismail explained that the meetings were aimed at informing the community about the project as well as the implementation of its development and gather feedback, especially from private vehicle and public transport users.

IRDA Announces Iskandar Malaysia’s Rapid Transit Bus System (BRT) Chief Executive, Datuk Ismail Ibrahim of IRDA with Director of BRT Iskandar Malaysia, Rudyanto Azhar overlooking the model scale of Iskandar Malaysia’s BRT project

“The entire BRT Iskandar Malaysia will be about 300 kilometres, comprising 90% of service access within the area of Iskandar Malaysia.

“It covers 51 kilometres of BRT trunk lines with special routes, 26 direct-pass systems and 42 feeder systems.

“The project will also require 1,000 buses of various designs with the ability to carry between 30 to 200 passengers per trip,” said Ismail.

“Various matters were taken into account including the issue of land acquisition, but for this project we have avoided the acquisition of excessive land and the possibility of overcoming the matter and the construction of a multilateral route will be implemented,” added Ismail.

Also present was Director of BRT Iskandar Malaysia, Rudyanto Azhar who revealed the BRT implementation cost of RM2.56 billion was funded through the RM1 billion funds by the Federal Government and through private-public cooperation worth RM1.56 billion.

Detailed studies including community-led sessions would continue and physical work for the construction of the project is expected to begin in the first quarter of next year.

Source: The Iskandarian