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JOHOR BARU: With urbanisation the biggest challenge in any developing city, a proper means of public transportation is needed to provide the populace with an alternative method of getting around. Part of Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA)’s transformation plans includes the planned Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) system that aims to reduce traffic congestion and carbon emission within the development corridor.

Organised by the ‘Institut Integriti Kepimpinan dan Latihan Semangat Dato’ Onn’ (IKHLAS) and IRDA, the talk educated the public further on the upcoming BRT project that is expected to start in the first quarter of next year. They were briefed on land reclamation, plans, proposed construction date and timeline, as well as bus service routes that will connect the four corners of Iskandar Malaysia.

The BRT is a specialised form of prioritised bus service that is designed to meet the high demand of passengers by incorporating several aspects of mass transit. Dedicated high capacity buses will travel on exclusive lanes on the road and utilise a pre boarding payment system as well as a common ticketing system to enable a more integrated management among multiple bus operators.

The project also includes a mobility management system to coordinate travels for users. An online platform that is accessible through computers and smartphones will connect users with the various modes of travel within the Iskandar Malaysia Region.

The talk, held at M-Suites was conducted by Maimunah Jaafar, Head of Planning and Compliance IRDA as well as Iskandar Malaysia Bus Rapid Transport Director Rudyanto Azhar who explained the project will cover almost 90% of IM with more than 300km of routes with 4 main trunk routes.

Source: The Iskandarian