On 29 August 2018, Iskandar Puteri has seen yet two new events - the GBS ISKANDAR Thought Leadership Series and the 5th GBS ISKANDAR Steering Committee Meeting.

The first half of the day saw GBS ISKANDAR Thought Leadership Series; it is a live speaker series providing business and organizational leaders the invaluable opportunity to sharpen the existing and develop their new skills. At the same time this series shares some of the industry's best practices in their respective areas.

Topic for this round of series is Gamification - A Revolution for Business Success by Kenny Lum, Chief Gamification Officer of Gameka Sdn. Bhd.

The other half of the day saw the 5th GBS ISKANDAR Steering Committee Meeting; it is a platform for all stakeholders to be involved in the effort to develop Iskandar Puteri as a Business Services hub.

Involving in this meeting is all of GBS ISKANDAR companies, partners and stakeholders. Both events were held at Ramada Hotel, Iskandar Puteri, Johor.