GBS ISKANDAR Awards night 2018 is an event hosted by i2M Ventures to show appreciation to existing and new clients as well as our Partners and Stakeholders for their continued support for the GBS ISKANDAR initiative. It is also to highlight and acknowledge Clients’ achievements for 2018 and partners’ contribution as GBS companies in Iskandar Malaysia. This year event took place in Fraser Place Puteri Harbour, Malaysia on 24th January 2019. We are very pleased to welcome 4 new companies such as Eximius, Ernst & Young, OK Blockchain Centre and Deluxe Games and Okakichi in GBS ISKANDAR in 2018.

A major Thank You to everyone who imparted this astounding night with us and congratulations to all the Award winners!

The list of the awards and the receivers are as stated below.


  • 1) GBS ISKANDAR Talent Enrichment Award – UTM
  • 2) GBS ISKANDAR Global Exposure Award – Invest Johor
  • 3) GBS ISKANDAR Ecosystem Advancement Award – Mahsing Sdn Bhd
  • 4) GBS ISKANDAR Game Changer Award – Deluxe sdn Bhd and Okakichi Sdn Bhd


  • 1) GBS ISKANDAR Avidity Award – Aegis
  • 2) GBS ISKANDAR Avant-Garde Award – Daythree
  • 3) GBS ISKANDAR Johor Darul Takzim Award - Vistra
  • 4) GBS ISKANDAR Paragon Award – Alia from Frost and Sullivan
  • 5) GBS ISKANDAR Gravitation Award – OK Blockchain