The Community Engagement Programme (CEP) plays an important part in building a sense of belonging amongst employees of GBS ISKANDAR’s companies in Iskandar Puteri. Our aim is to support the community engagement and the employees’ growth and development in this location.

The CEP is being carried out by a team of volunteers from each GBS ISKANDAR Companies, and together they organised various activities for the community which includes fitness programme, skills development and community spirit-building recreational activities.


From the humble beginnings of a weekly fun run around the Medini area to promote healthy and active lifestyle within the GBS ISKANDAR community, the GBSI Running Gang, with the motto “You’ll never run alone”, has gone on to participate in at least one public running event in Johor and KL each month. It is also an opportunity to create awareness for and enhance the presence of the GBSI initiative and Iskandar Puteri location among the public.


As a means to create positive camaraderie not only within the companies but also among community members, the CEC organizes friendly tournaments in badminton, bowling and upcoming addition, futsal. Participation is mixed, giving the opportunity for the formation of new friendships and friendly competition. Community members also get to take part in extra-curricular activities after working hours as a way to relieve stress and work pressure.


In the continuous pursuit of wealth creation and betterment of living standards, GBSI CEC seeks to be part of the unceasing effort to improve the quality of lives of the less fortunate in whatever little way possible. Each opportunity to give back is the chance to make a difference. Identifying and contributing to society members who could benefit from our CSR activities through, not only prosperity-sharing but more significantly, the time and effort spent would hopefully fulfil the lives of both recipient and benefactor.


As music and singing are amongst the most common and enjoyable past time activities, the first GBSI Idol was held in 2016, garnering more than 20 participants from the community. After going through prelim and semifinal rounds, the finalists were given the honour of performing the GBSI Idol Finals during the GBS ISKANDAR Night. This year, GBSI CEC is looking forward to increased participation as well as more diverse talents to be discovered and showcased. Let no one say the GBSI Community are a dull and dreary lot!


The purpose of the GBS ISKANDAR Thought Leadership Series is to provide a platform for Clients to obtain pertinent knowledge and information from subject-matter experts including best practices and latest trends/technologies in facilitating their business operations in Iskandar Puteri. This opportunity for sharing of experiences and know-how is intended to benefit GBSI Clients by providing exposure to success stories and networking with today’s thought leaders from various sectors and industries.


This is a bi-annual session held particularly for new members of the GBSI Community. A full-day excursion is organized to introduce and familiarize participants to Iskandar Puteri, the surrounding satellite towns as well as available facilities and amenities. This includes acquainting them with the local favourites and hangouts to hasten their assimilation to the location.


An event to express our appreciation and gratitude to Clients, Partners and other Stakeholders as well as parties who have continuously supported GBS ISKANDAR and i2M in our efforts to attain our objectives, goals and purpose. On this night, everybody is allowed to “let their hair down” and relax while enjoying a sumptuous dinner in an auspicious setting. During this event , we also pay homage to Clients for their attainments for the year including for being the most actively participative in GBSI programs and events, for having the most improved KPI achievements, for coming up with the most innovative way of presenting their business offerings and such. All this merriment while being entertained by our GBSI Idols Finalists and special guest performances.